The Cook Is On Fire!

Aubergine Parmesan Style: One perfect marriage

Come l’acqua per il cioccolato, melanzane e pomodoro stan bene insieme anche quando la salsa non è il massimo. L’importante è salare bene le prime, almeno per mezz’ora, di modo che perdano acqua e non risultino indigeste!

Mozzarella di primissima scelta, olio di semi per la frittura e la vostra salsa di pomodoro di fiducia.

Di questo piatto tipico come la pizza ma non così celebre se ne conoscono numerose varianti: forma, dimensione e disposizione sul piatto – parmigiano reggiano o grana – con o senza prosciutto, variante Bolognese – melanzane fritte dorate o scottate prima su piastra e poi al forno – ma la ricetta è conservata da anni nelle mani di chi ne conosce il peso e la consistenza.

Trovate il vostro piatto favorito, ripetete fino allo stremo gli stessi gesti perché divenga un rito, sappiate dosare il sale e infine aggiungete un ingrediente in più a vostra scelta per rendere la pietanza unica [il mio è segreto!]: così proverete anche voi le vostre Melanzane alla Parmigiana.

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Mousse Love

Too late… I wish I could have taken a picture!

Now try and trust this simple and delicious dessert. Take 200 gr of dark chocolate and mince it finely; bring 150 gr of milk cream to the boil, then mix it accurately with the chocolate. Now, whip 200 gr of milk cream up but not completely and without sugar. Finally, mix the half-mounted whip with the former whip&chocolate. Cool down in a freezer for 3h and take it off one hour before you want to serve it. You might like to garnish your mousse with cocoa powder!

Kopi Luwak: Che caffè di m…!

Un caffè venuto male può storcerti la giornata.

Eppure c’è chi è disposto a pagare cinque euro (!) per bere un caffè ricavato da chicchi trovati nelle feci di un mammifero dal nome eloquente: il paradoxurus. Del resto, de’ Andrè ci aveva avvertiti: dai diamanti non nasce niente, dal letame nascono i fiori.

Hunger Emergency!

Ever find yourself in a true hunger emergency?

Maybe you miss one meal, work made you fell asleep late in the night and you skip your lunch, now it’s six in the evening and you just can’t wait for dinner. In your fridge, past days vegetables and a meatball are just there for you to improvise a sandwich with less effort than ever.

An italian saying sounds like this: Hunger is the best cooker. Just fry the meatball with oil (seeds oil would be lighter) and when its surface is pleasurably blonde put it onto your traditional bread slices with your fringing ingredients: for this sandwich I used natural caoliflowers, fresh salad, a smooth cheese and smashed olives.

You can beat your Fressfleish [ger. “rush hunger”] with a soul satisfying sandwich, much richer and healthier than Macdo’s x-ray burger!

Prince of Italian Cookies

Bottarga Aglio e Olio

The simplest – and fastest! – way to cook noodles is in bianco [in bi’aṅko] with ‘couple of spoon of native olive oil, a “dressed up” (not peeled) garlic, and a dried chili pepper. So, how can we turn on this old and cheap recipe? Is there any enrichment we can add to this basical pasta? Of course…

You might want to know how to prepare the basic: boil 1hg of spaghetti (better if linguine) in abundant water; two minutes before pasta is ready (al dente means one minute before timing shown on envelop!) start stirring in a frying pan two tablespoon of olive oil, a garlic and a chili pepper. Then finish the noodles’ cooking into the pan.

I decided to use a very particular ingredient this time: Bottarga, from sardinian cured fish roe. You can eather chop it or pour it like parmesan cheese as a topping for your spaghetti, for a nice and unexpected scent of seafish for such simple a dish.

If you pour one tablespoon of Gomashio [ごま塩] on your dish, be carefull not to add too much salt to the noodles’ boiling water.

A very simple way of revolving a very simple traditional midnight spaghetti recipe.

Apple Pie: l’Amerika in Casa

“Apple Pie” must sound like the most traditional name for a cake in the english speaking countries. But if you translate it in italian, torta di mele [ ‘tɔrta di ‘mele] evokes a radically different kind of pie in the average italian gourmand’s mind.

That is pretty much an argument for this post: a conservative dessert in a country can be quite revolutionary abroad. This pie require less efforts than any other italian relatives. 4 cups of flour mixed together with 200 grams butter and a pinch of salt; 4-5 apples, better if different in kind, chopped and showered with half a lemon and a puff of cinnamon. 45′ in 180° oven for a masterpiece of simplicity and taste.